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Cinnamon Roll Muffins – Vegan – GF and Refined Sugar Free

Those muffins make a perfect on-the-go breakfast. They’re a mix of Banana Cinnamon Muffin and Cinnamon Roll, made with clean and simple ingredients. So, how to make those muffins ? … Well, for this recipe, there are two parts ; the cinnamon banana base and the walnuts apple sauce filling and topping. There is a…

Spicy Raw Cacao Truffles with Sea Salt

When your craving for chocolate hits, those spicy raw cacao truffles are exactly the answer ! The addition of chili powder and sea salt makes those truffles “multitaskers” 🙂 Unlike regular truffles which are made with heavy cream and chocolate, I made those ones with cashews and raw cacao powder. To make those truffles, you…

Apple & Walnut Cake – Vegan and Refined Sugar Free

Light and fluffy vegan apple cake packed with fresh apple flavor and topped with cinnamon sugar. The hardest part of making this cake was peeling and chopping the apples, besides that, it’s so easy , you will be amazed ! This cake has the perfect mix of flavors ; cinnamon and nutmeg. The addition of…

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